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australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-excuvation-struts | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-tyres-fill-water | Consulting Earth Scientists
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Data Management & Geographical Information Services

The GIS and Data Management division of Consulting Earth Scientists manages and processes data for all environmental, geotechnical and mining applications. Our management revolves around the sophisticated and fully developed database management...

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australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-build-site-excuvation | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-excuvation | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-excuvator-construction-site | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-failure-mechanism | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-installation | Consulting Earth Scientists

Environment & Contaminated Land Investigation & Remediation Copy

Contaminated land investigation, assessment, remediation and validation has been a CES core speciality since our inception in 1995. We pride ourselves in delivering pragmatic, cost effective, innovative, and practical solutions. We employ Certi...

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australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-trench | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-excuvator-dig-site | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-shovel-mud | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-natural-rocks | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-structure-build | Consulting Earth Scientists

Geotechnical, Geological & Hydrogeological Investigations

Ground conditions are one of the greatest risks facing a project developer or owner. Soil, rock and water form the core foundations upon which our social and physical infrastructure is built. Specialist knowledge of these components during the ...

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Environment & Pollution Monitoring

Environment and pollution monitoring has been a core discipline of Consulting Earth Scientists since our inception in 1995. We are a leader in the development of high-quality, optimised environmental monitoring programmes. CES conducts both lar...

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Waste Classification, Material Re-use and Resource Recovery

The appropriate classification of waste materials is a crucial consideration and essential to the commercial and environmental success of any construction, demolition and development project. The incorrect classification of waste can lead to si...

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australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-landfill-engineering-building | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-landfill-team-engineering | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-landfill-walls | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-landfill-lake | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-landfill | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-rubbish-landfill | Consulting Earth Scientists

Waste Facility & Landfill Planning, Engineering & Development

Waste facility and landfill planning, engineering and development are core disciplines at CES. We are a leader in providing planning, approval, design, construction, management and operational advice to some of Australia's largest private and pu...

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Energy, Carbon Management & Emissions Reduction

Energy Renewable energy projects such as solar and wind farms require environmental and geotechnical site feasibility studies which typically include desktop assessment, geotechnical and environmental site investigations and associated field an...

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Legal, Insurance, Due Diligence, Compliance & Auditing

Legal & Insurance Our team of senior geotechnical and environmental professionals regularly assist the courts legal profession. We are accomplished in providing independent, hi-quality, professional judgment, opinion, expert witness and leg...

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australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-water-drill | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-machinery | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-excuvator-digging | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-excavator | Consulting Earth Scientists
australian-geotechnical-environment-consulting-firm-site-truck | Consulting Earth Scientists

Natural Resources & Mining Services

CES provides specialist consulting services to the natural resources and mining industry from initial exploration through to site closure. Our services include: Planning, implementation and execution of exploration programs Exploratory d...

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