Waste Facility & Landfill Planning, Engineering & Development

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Waste facility and landfill planning, engineering and development are core disciplines at CES. We are a leader in providing planning, approval, design, construction, management and operational advice to some of Australia's largest private and public sector landfill operators.

CES has gained an excellent reputation for providing pragmatic solutions to complex landfill problems including the application of new technologies for landfill design and management.
Our staff are continually developing innovative ways to combine traditional engineering with new materials and technologies for landfill construction. Landfill services offered by CES include:

  • Development feasibility and planning application
  • Site Investigation and hydrogeological studies
  • Design services for landfill operations, landfill gas, leachate, ground and surface water management
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities and licensing advice
  • Landfill Environmental Management Plans
  • Operational Management Plans
  • Leachate Management Plans
  • Soil and Water Management Plans
  • Landfill Closure and Rehabilitation Planning
  • Landfill Environmental Monitoring
  • Review and interpretation of monitoring data
  • Landfill Construction Quality Assurance services
  • Landfill Gas Management and Mitigation
  • Odour management and Mitigation
  • Landfill Gas Balance Modelling & Emissions Assessment
  • Carbon Emission Assessment and Reporting

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