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The GIS and Data Management division of Consulting Earth Scientists manages and processes data for all environmental, geotechnical and mining applications.

Our management revolves around the sophisticated and fully developed database management systems interfacing with our geographic information system.

We are able to carry out a diverse range of activities ranging from data storage and electronic quality checking of laboratory results to 3D visualisation and remediation modelling.

All of this is conducted in a secure and fully traceable environment.  CES offers the following GIS and Data Management services:

  • Data storage - Secure relational database for storage, quality checking, data tracking, electronic data submittal (field and lab results)
  • Electronic submittal of all types of data - soil, water, geotechnical, gas, dust and chemical
  • Import of historical field and laboratory data
  • 'Clean' data export to a multitude of 3rd party software
  • Web access to the database
  • Import all types of spatial data - aerial photographs, cadastre, historic maps and drawings
  • Process and visualise spatially referenced tabular, photographic, geotechnical, architectural, heritage data.
  • Process lithological, stratigraphic and chemical data in 3D for environmental, geotechnical and resource and mining projects
  • Direct export from the database to prevent duplication and maintains accuracy
  • GPS - locational accuracy of all field operations using advanced differential correction procedures

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