Energy, Carbon Management & Emissions Reduction

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Renewable energy projects such as solar and wind farms require environmental and geotechnical site feasibility studies which typically include desktop assessment, geotechnical and environmental site investigations and associated field and laboratory testing. In some cases, environmental and geotechnical monitoring may be required. CES can assist with the key geo-environmental aspects of the project including:

  • Environmental investigation and remediation of former sites for repurposing for renewable energy projects
  • Environmental input for waste to energy projects
  • Understanding the existing environmental/geological/geotechnical/ topography and hydrogeological conditions of selected renewable energy sites
  • Recommendations on suitable footing and foundation systems and subgrade preparation for structures such as wind turbines, photovoltaic solar panel arrays, power conversion units, substations, transformers, light-weight building and structures and other associated infrastructure
  • Detailed analysis and modelling of wind turbine footing and foundation behaviour, including deep pile foundations, lateral pile analysis, pile deflections during wind turbine operations, wind loading and dynamic vibrations
  • Design and construction of thermal piles and geothermal heat exchange and moderation ground systems
  • Earthworks and excavations, site preparation, soil aggressivity and seismicity
  • Access road subgrade preparation and pavement design
  • Identification of environmental and geotechnical site constraints and geo-hazards such as acid sulfate soils, erodible soils, sodic and saline soils, landslides, mining subsidence and soft sediments, unstable ground, sites of poor soil drainage and soil susceptible to significant volume change (reactive soils).
  • Assessment of the capacity of soils to conduct and dissipate heat based on thermal resistivity testing in accordance with relevant national and international standards
  • Assess the electrical resistivity of soil for designing sound electrical grounding system.

Carbon Management & Emissions Reduction

Businesses face increasing pressures to manage and balance carbon and emissions targets with financial performance. CES can assist with your carbon and green house gas emission monitoring, gas balance and emission assessment, management and reporting.

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